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Hello blog readers!

Here is another tl;dr; blog post! Yesterday I completed my winter exam session at university and want to recall one interesting work I had year ago at the course called “Data structures and algorithms” where we learned various data structures and manipulation algorithms. During the course we developed them in programming languages with further analysis. In array search class work I had to implement, analyze and compare two search methods: sentinel search and hash table search.

Most search algorithms have complexity. This means that their performance depends on array size. Larger is array, more time is required to find element in array. There is binary search that gives which better than linear, but still depends on array size and requires sorted array. Binary search is impossible for unsorted arrays. What next? Next is search algorithm that would give us constant complexity. This means that regardless of array size, search will be completed in constant time. This algorithm (actually, data structure) is hash table.

What is hash table? It is an associative array that maps keys to data values. Unlike classic arrays, there is no such term as array index, instead there used term key value. Key is an identification information about data value. During class work I learned a lot about hash tables and faced a number of very interesting challenges while attempting to develop a reliable implementation of hash table. And this blog post will reveal all of them!

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DigiCert SecureI’m glad to announce that today I switched my website to SSL. This greatly increases security for my visitors, because all your data on this website is protected.

I made a soft-permanent redirect from HTTP to HTTPS. This means that all previous links to my website will continue to work, but with redirect. In any way, I encourage everyone who have links to my website to update them by changing protocol identifier.

Please, let me know if you face any SSL-related issues when browsing my website, either, in the post comments, or by contacting me via contact form.

And the last word: many thanks to DigiCert as they kindly offered me SSL certificate. I’m using their services for several years and would say that it is really 5-star service with outstanding support lelvel and which is easy to use.

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Today I want to break my own rule (no more than 1 post per day). Today I want to announce two news:


It’s a shame, but starting by March 3, 2015, I become a member of Twitter sect. My the only official account is @Crypt32. The purpose of this account is to promote my weblog, my open projects, talk about PKI-related and other topics I’m interesting in a twitter form.

Twitter: @Crypt32

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Hello S-1-1-0! Recently I was extremely busy on various stuff including PS PKI Module writing, as the result I hadn’t enough much time to write here. Today I would like to announce a new Manning book called PowerShell Deep Dives. the project started last year and by bringing PowerShell MVP community, the stuff went quite quickly.

Why I’m advertising this book?

  1. The book is believed to be very interesting to all sort of IT Pro and Devs who is interesting in PowerShell. The book is divided in four general sections: Administration, Scripting, Development, PS for Platforms. Everyone of you will find something interesting for yourself.
  2. All chapters in the book are written by PowerShell MVPs = quality guaranteed!
  3. No one from writers or book coordinators will get a cent from book sales. All revenue will go to charity: to the memory of Will Steele, one of our co-authors and important member of the PowerShell community.

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