DigiCert SecureI’m glad to announce that today I switched my website to SSL. This greatly increases security for my visitors, because all your data on this website is protected.

I made a soft-permanent redirect from HTTP to HTTPS. This means that all previous links to my website will continue to work, but with redirect. In any way, I encourage everyone who have links to my website to update them by changing protocol identifier.

Please, let me know if you face any SSL-related issues when browsing my website, either, in the post comments, or by contacting me via contact form.

And the last word: many thanks to DigiCert as they kindly offered me SSL certificate. I’m using their services for several years and would say that it is really 5-star service with outstanding support lelvel and which is easy to use.

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Congrats! Links work. Do you have any figures on the performance impact?

Vadims Podans

There is no signigficant performance impact. The most performance hit occurs only during SSL handshake (session negotiation). during this phase a symmetric session key is generated and exchanged (for example, by using Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol). Symmetric key is used to encrypt the rest session traffic. And symmetric keys are very robust and do not have much performance impact. AES is more performant than old DES/3DES.

In addition, modern network adapters provide hardware SSL offload that significantly reduce CPU load. This means that it is unlikely that you get noticeable performance degradation. From personal experience, it is in range of 5-10(max)% for the same hardware.


Why not request a letsencrypt.org cert?

Vadims Podans

What is the advantage of using Let's Encrypt? Free? StartSSL offers free certs as well. I don't think that any of them have advantage over DigCert or any other CA provider.

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