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Vadims Podāns


My name is Vadims Podāns and I'm a consultant in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) questions, including Microsoft PKI specific implementations, protocols and standarts and working for PKI Solutions.

I'm a passionate PowerShell and PKI addictadept and have programming with CryptoAPI experience. PKI is not the easiest technology in information systems and my first goal is to deliver the subject in more clear way and to help understand how it works. I have rich experience in PowerShell automation and my second goal is to help IT administrators to automate PKI-specific tasks with Windows PowerShell.

In addition, my expertise includes a strong knowledge in application whitelisting technologies, including Microsoft-specific implementations: Software Restriction Policies (SRP) and Applocker.

Besides PowerShell automation, I'm writing general-purpose PKI-related tools and frameworks, including PowerShell PKI module, online SSL certificate verifier, ASN.1 Editor, and more.

I was graduated in Computer Science in 2019.

Started to work at PKI Solutions Inc. in 2019.

Online Identities

I'm participating in several online networks and here is a list of my official online identities:

Professional certifications

Here are my existing professional certifications and nominations:

- MCTS since 2.10.2008
- MCP since 22.01.2008
- MCSA since 2.10.2008

- MVP: PowerShell since 1.04.2009
Philadelphia Flyers fan Philadelphia Flyers fan since 1999!

About website

This website uses custom website engine written by myself from scratch by using ASP.NET MVC technology. The lack of good .NET web applications (SharePoint? Thanks, no) forced me to write a custom platform that greatly fits my needs. The good news is that ASP MVC allows to create web site engines pretty easy.


if you have any questions, contact me by using contact form.

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