Sysadmins LV Relying Party Agreement

You must read this Relying Party Agreement (RPA) before validating a Sysadmins LV certificate, using Online Certificate Status Protocol ("OCSP") services or Certificate Revocation Lists ("CRL"), accessing or using Sysadmins LV certificate services or relying on any Sysadmins LV certificate-related information.
If you do not agree to the terms of this agreement, do not submit a query and do not download, access, or rely on any Sysadmins LV information.

1. Term of Agreement. This Agreement becomes effective when you submit a query to search for a Sysadmins LV Certificate, or rely on any Sysadmins LV Information in the manner set forth in the preamble above. This Agreement shall be applicable for as long as you use and/or rely on such Sysadmins LV Information.

2. Definitions.
"Certificate" or "Digital Certificate" means a message that, at least, states a name or identifies the issuing CA, identifies the Subscriber, contains the Subscriber's public key, identifies the Certificate’s validity period, contains a Certificate serial number, and contains a digital signature of the issuing CA.

"Certification Authority" or "CA" means an entity authorized to issue, suspend, or revoke Certificates. For purposes of this Agreement, CA shall mean Sysadmins LV.

"Certification Practice Statement" or "CPS" means a document, as revised from time to time, representing a statement of practices a CA employs in issuing Certificates. Sysadmins LV's CPS is published at (under construction)

"Non-verified Subscriber Information" means any information submitted by a Certificate Applicant, and included within a Certificate, that has not been confirmed by the CA or RA and for which the applicable CA and RA provide no assurances other than that the information was submitted by the Certificate Applicant.

"Registration Authority" or "RA" means an entity approved by a CA to assist Certificate Applicants in applying for, approving, rejecting, or revoking Certificates.

"Relying Party" means an individual or organization that acts in reliance on a Certificate.

"Subscriber" means a person, organization, or entity who is the subject of and has been issued a Certificate, and is capable of using, and is authorized to use, the private key that corresponds to the public key listed in the Certificate at issue.

3. Informed Decision. You acknowledge and agree that: you are solely responsible for deciding whether or not to rely on the information in a certificate.

4. Your Obligations. As a Relying Party, you are obligated to ensure the reasonableness of your reliance on any Sysadmins LV Information by: (i) assessing whether the use of a Certificate for any given purpose is appropriate under the circumstances; (ii) utilizing the appropriate software and/or hardware to perform digital signature verification or other cryptographic operations you wish to perform, as a condition of relying on a Certificate in connection with each such operation; and (iii) checking the status of a Certificate you wish to rely on, as well as the validity of all the Certificates in its chain

5. Limitations on Use. Sysadmins LV issued certificates are free-cost, therefore you MAY use them for testing, evaluating and/or other non-profit purposes only. You CAN NOT use issued certificates to to acheive any material benefit or profit. In any violations of this RPA subscriber's certificates will immediately revoked. Issued certificates shall not be used as proof of identity or as support of non-repudiation of identity or authority. Sysadmins LV, its CAs, and RAs are not responsible for assessing the appropriateness of the use of a Certificate.

6. Warranties

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