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Post name: Windows 8 Developer Preview and AD CS / PKI: Cannot Get a Certificate from Web
Original author: Kurt L Hudson MSFT
Posting date: 2011-09-14T05:25:00+00:00

If you are using Windows Developer Previewand have difficulty obtaining or downloading a certificateusing Internet Explorer 10 (IE 10), try using compatibility mode. Turning on Compatibility View is the same in IE10 as in IE9, so you can follow the instructions at "Why do some web pages look incorrect in Internet Explorer 9?" to make the chage. This tip was added to the Windows Developer Preview release notes as well.

If you are interested in general Windows 8 information as it is breaking through the technical magazines, Windows IT Pro has A Big Week for Microsoft: Windows Server 8 and Windows 8 and Redmond Magazine has: Windows 8 Details Unveiled at Build Event.

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