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Post name: Using VBScript to install CA on WS2008R2 server core
Original author: shawncor
Posting date: 2009-09-18T12:24:00+00:00


In my previous post I provided a script used for setup and installation of a CA using VBScript. The same script is capable of installing a CA on server core, where there is no UI available for installing. With the script and a few possible additional steps it's pretty easy to install a CA on server core with just a couple of commands in the CMD.




  1. If you need the functionality of WoW64, for example using a network HSM that needs to use 32bit binaries on the 64bit system you will need to install the WoW64 support.

    • Run "Start /w ocsetup ServerCore-WOW64" to install the WoW64 support, reboot the machine after installing this package.
  2. If using an HSM or network HSM install and configure the HSM software by following the instructions provided by the HSM vendor.
  3. Use the setupca.vbs script to install the CA

The setupca.vbs script takes care of installing all the needed packages and files using OCSetup, since servermanagercmd is not available on the core builds.


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