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ICertAdmin Interface

The ICertAdmin interface allows properly authorized clients to perform the following actions:

  • Authorize or deny a certificate request.
  • Revoke an issued certificate.
  • Trigger the generation of a certificate revocation list (CRL).
  • Get the current CRL for the server.

ICertAdmin callers have write-only access to request attributes and certificate extensions, but no direct access to other request and certificate properties.

The following methods are provided by the ICertAdmin interface.

Method Description
DenyRequest Denies a specified request.
GetCRL Gets a pointer to the current certificate revocation list (CRL).
GetRevocationReason Returns a human-readable string specifying the reason a certificate was revoked.
IsValidCertificate Checks the validity of a certificate.
PublishCRL Publishes a new certificate revocation list.
ResubmitRequest Submits the specified request back to the policy module .
RevokeCertificate Revokes a certificate by a specified date.
SetCertificateExtension Adds a new extension to the certificate to be issued.
SetRequestAttributes Sets attributes in the specified request.


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