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The GetCRL method gets a pointer to the current certificate revocation list (CRL) for the certificate server.

  BSTR strConfig,  
  long Flags       
[JAVA] java.lang.String GetCRL(
  java.lang.String strConfig,  
  int Flags                    
  BSTR const strConfig,  // in
  LONG Flags,            // in
  BSTR * pstrCRL         // out, return value


[VB][JAVA][C++] strConfig
Points to a valid configuration string for the certificate server. See ICertConfig::GetConfig.
[VB][JAVA][C++] Flags
Specifies the format of the returned CRL. The value can be one of the following values.
CRL Format Flag Description
CR_OUT_BASE64HEADER BASE64 format with begin/end.
CR_OUT_BASE64 BASE64 format without begin/end.
CR_OUT_BINARY Binary format.

[C++] pstrCRL
Points to the return value. See Return Values.

Return Values

Returns the CRL.

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