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Server Installation of CA Certificates

Servers that wish to perform authentication of clients must obtain and install a Certificate Authority (CA) certificate provided by the CA that issues the client certificates. The CA certificate is needed by the server to validate the client certificates.

Microsoft® Internet Information Server (IIS) uses CA certificates that are stored in the same location in the system registry as Microsoft Internet Explorer. The procedure for installing CA certificates for use by IIS is to load Internet Explorer on the same machine and use it to install the CA certificates just as you would on a client machine. For a detailed description of this process see Browser Installation of CA Certificates. After the CA certificate is installed, restart IIS in order for the certificate to be used.

Netscape Enterprise Server has a user interface for installing the CA certificate for the CA issuing a server certificate as part of the server certificate installation process. For more information see Netscape Web Server Certification.

Netscape FastTrack Server does not include a user interface to install new Microsoft Certificate Server CA certificates, and cannot participate in client or server authentication with locally generated certificates.

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