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Certification authority Web enrollment services

A set of certification authority (CA) Web pages is provided with Certificate Services in Windows 2000. These Web pages provide a simple user interface to perform many of the common user tasks on a CA, and they are installed by default when you set up Certificate Services.

These Web enrollment pages allow you to connect to the CA via a Web browser, and perform common tasks, such as requesting certificates from a CA, requesting the CA's certificate, submitting a certificate request using a PKCS #10 file, retrieving the CA's certificate revocation list (CRL) or performing smart card certificate enrollment. For a stand-alone CA, the Web pages are the primary way a certificate requester can interface with the CA, since the Certificates snap-in cannot be used to request certificates from a stand-alone CA. Enterprise CAs can accept certificate requests via the Certificates snap-in or the Web enrollment pages.

You can install Web enrollment pages for a CA on a Windows 2000 server that is not a CA in order to divert Web-based traffic from the actual CA. For more information about installing the Web pages on a server that is not a CA, see Set up certification authority Web enrollment support

For more information about using the Web enrollment pages, see Using Windows 2000 Certificate Services Web pages

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