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The enumProviders method enumerates all providers available on the computer for the specified ProviderType property. If that property has not been changed, then it has a default value of one, as set in the registry, meaning PROV_RSA_FULL for the default Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider, is used to do the enumeration.

[VB] BSTR enumProviders (
  DWORD dwIndex
  DWORD dwFlags
[C++] HRESULT enumProviders (
  DWORD dwIndex         // in
  DWORD dwFlags         // in
  BSTR* pbstrProvName   // in


[VB][C++] dwIndex
Specifying zero for dwIndex gets the first provider. Increment dwIndex for successive providers. When there are no more providers, ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMS is returned for [C++], and it is thrown for [VB].
VB][C++] dwFlags
These flags are passed through to CryptEnumProviders. See it for details.
[C++] pbstrProvName
See "Return Value."

Return Values

Returns a BSTR containing the enumerated provider. When there are no more providers, the error ERROR_NO_MORE_ITEMS is returned.

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