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The KeySpec property is used to specify the key type to be generated. For the Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider, this will have a value of AT_KEYEXCHANGE for exchange keys, or AT_SIGNATURE for signature keys. However, this parameter is specific to the provider being used and may be any value that makes sense to the provider. The default for Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider is AT_SIGNATURE. For information on the other Microsoft Cryptographic Service Providers, see Microsoft Cryptographic Service Providers in the CryptoAPI 2.0 documentation.

Data Type



Defined Values

Provider dependent. See your cryptographic service provider (CSP) for details.

Affects the behavior of the following methods:


Access Methods

[VB] "="operator

[C++] HRESULT get_KeySpec (DWORD);
HRESULT put_KeySpec (DWORD);


Value Meaning
S_OK The property read/write completed successfully.

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