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The ContainerName property specifies the name of the key container to use. It may be an existing container, or a new one. It may only be an existing container if the UseExistingKeySet property is set, as long as the key set being used has not been generated yet. For example, if only an exchange key set has been previously generated for a container, it is still possible to successfully perform a certificate enrollment using the signature key set, without setting UseExistingKeySet, or the exchange key set could be used if UseExistingKeySet is set beforehand.

By default, a new container is selected each time the control is run. This ensures that a new key set is generated. Currently, a GUID is generated as the container name.

Data Type


[C++] BSTR

Defined Values

Can be any specified name string from setting the property, or one will be automatically generated if the property has not been set.

Affects the behavior of the following methods:


Access Methods

[VB] "="operator

[C++] HRESULT get_ContainerName (BSTR);
HRESULT put_ContainerName(BSTR);


Value Meaning
S_OK The property read/write completed successfully.

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