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Certificate Server Administrator's Guide

Welcome to the Microsoft® Certificate Server Administrator's Guide topic section. This section provides detailed information on how to install, configure, administer, and customize Certificate Server.

This section contains:

  • Installing and Configuring Certificate Server: Describes how to install and configure Certificate Server as a stand-alone certificate authority (CA) or as part of an existing CA hierarchy.
  • Certificate Server Basics: Introduces operational terminology, the Web-based administration interface and command line utilities.
  • Processing Certificate Requests: Explains how to submit and process a certificate request.
  • Performing Certificate Enrollment: Explains how to enroll clients using Web browsers.
  • Certifying Servers and Browsers: Explains how to certify Web servers and browsers for performing server and client authentication.
  • Administering Certificate Server: Explains how to use the Web-based administration tools to manage certificate requests and certificates.
  • Customizing Certificate Server: Explains how change policy modules and perform other customization of Certificate Server.

This section does not contain:

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