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The Initialize method is called by the Server Engine when it initializes itself. The call to the exit module's Initialize method allows the exit module to perform initialization and inform the Server Engine which kinds of events it would like to be notified of.

[VB] Long Initialize(
  BSTR strConfig  
[JAVA] int Initialize(
  BSTR strConfig  
[C++] HRESULT Initialize(
  BSTR const strConfig,  // in
  LONG * pEventMask      // out, return value


[VB][JAVA][C++] strConfig
Points to a valid configuration string for the certificate server. See ICertConfig::GetConfig.
[C++] pEventMask
Points to the return value. See Return Values.

Return Values

Returns a mask containing flags indicating specific events that the exit module wishes to be notified of. After the call, all events of those types will be signalled by the Server Engine to the exit module through a call to Notify. Any or all of the following flags may be set.

Name Description
EXITEVENT_CERTISSUED Certificate issued.
EXITEVENT_CERTPENDING Certificate pending.
EXITEVENT_CERTDENIED Certificate denied.
EXITEVENT_CERTREVOKED Certificate revoked.
EXITEVENT_CERTRETRIEVEPENDING Retrieval of pending certificate successful.
EXITEVENT_SHUTDOWN Certificate Server shutdown.

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