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The GetStringType method returns the type of string values contained in a string array.

[VB] Long GetStringType(void);
[JAVA] int GetStringType(void);
[C++] HRESULT GetStringType(
  LONG * pStringType  // out, return value


[C++] pStringType
Points to the return value. See Return Values.

Return Values

Returns a value indicating the type of string values in the string array. The string type must be one of the following types.

String Type Specifier Description
CERT_RDN_ANY_TYPE For encoding an X509_UNICODE_NAME name. The object identifier of the name component is used to determine the RDN type.
CERT_RDN_NUMERIC_STRING The characters 0 through 9 and the space character (8 bit).
CERT_RDN_PRINTABLE_STRING Printable characters (8 bit).
CERT_RDN_T61_STRING T.61 encoded characters (8 bit).
CERT_RDN_GRAPHIC_STRING A string of ISO defined GRAPHIC characters.
CERT_RDN_ISO646_STRING 128 character set (8 bit).
CERT_RDN_GENERAL_STRING A string of ISO defined GENERAL characters.
CERT_RDN_INT4_STRING An array of INT4 values (32 bit).
CERT_RDN_UNICODE_STRING Unicode characters (16 bit).

For more information about RDN types, please refer to the CryptoAPI 2.0 documents.

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