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ICertEncodeSampleStructure2 Interface

The ICertEncodeSampleStructure2 interface provides methods that demonstrate how to handle a custom structure to be used in certificate extensions. A certificate extension can be created using a custom structure stored in an extension handler COM object instantiated by the policy module.

The interface methods are designed to handle the CERT_SAMPLE_STRUCTURE2_INFO sample data structure. This data structure is defined as follows:

DWORD dwVersion;
LONG lField1;
WCHAR * pwszField2;
FILETIME dateField3;

The following methods are provided by the ICertEncodeSampleStructure2 interface.

Method Description
Decode Decodes an ASN encoded CERT_SAMPLE_STRUCTURE2_INFO structure and stores the resulting structure in the COM object.
Encode Performs ASN encoding on a CERT_SAMPLE_STRUCTURE2_INFO structure stored in the COM object and returns the ASN encoded structure.
GetDateField3 Returns the date value contained in the dateField3 field of the CERT_SAMPLE_STRUCTURE2_INFO structure.
GetLongField1 Returns the long value contained in the lField1 field of the CERT_SAMPLE_STRUCTURE2_INFO structure.
GetStringField2 Returns the string value contained in the pwszField2 field of the CERT_SAMPLE_STRUCTURE2_INFO structure.


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