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The SetNameEntry method sets a name at a specified index of an alternate name array.

[VB] void SetNameEntry(
  long NameIndex,  
  long NameChoice,  
  BSTR strName 
[JAVA] void SetNameEntry(
  int NameIndex,               
  int NameChoice,               
  java.lang.String strName  
[C++] HRESULT SetNameEntry(
  LONG NameIndex,             // in
  LONG NameChoice,            // in
  BSTR const strName          // in


[VB][JAVA][C++] NameIndex
Specifies the index of the alternate name entry.
[VB][JAVA][C++] NameChoice
Specifies the name choice. The name choice indicates the type of the alternate name so that it can be used correctly. It must be one of the following values.
Name Choice Specifier Description
CERT_ALT_NAME_RFC822_NAME The name is an e-mail address.
CERT_ALT_NAME_DNS_NAME The name is an IA5 string specifying a DNS (Domain Name System) name in the format host.entity.domain.
CERT_ALT_NAME_URL The name is an IA5 string specifying a URL (Universal Resource Locator) in the format service://hostname/pathname.
CERT_ALT_NAME_REGISTERED_ID The name is a registered OID (Object Identifier).

[VB][JAVA][C++] strName
Specifies the alternate name.

Return Values

This method does not return a value.

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