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The GetField method gets a specific field from the current record of the configuration database.

[VB] BSTR GetField(
  BSTR strFieldName  
[JAVA] java.lang.String GetField(
  BSTR strFieldName  
[C++] HRESULT GetField(
  BSTR const strFieldName,  // in
  BSTR * strOut             // out, return value


[VB][JAVA][C++] strFieldName
String specifying the name of the field to return. The currently valid strings for field names are listed here.
Field Name Description
CommonName Common name of the server
OrgUnit Organizational unit
Organization Organization
Locality City or town
State State or province
Country Country
Config Reference machine/server name
ExchangeCertificate Certificate to send encrypted content
SignatureCertificate Root signing certificate
Comment Descriptive comment about the server

[C++] strOut
Points to the return value. See Return Values.

Return Values

Returns the field data for the specified field.

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