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Visual Basic Policy Module Sample Code

The following sample code shows how to write a simple policy module in Microsoft® Visual Basic® that accepts requests only if the Subject.CommonName field is equal to "YourName".

Private const VR_INSTANT_OK as Long = 1
Private const VR_INSTANT_BAD as Long = 2 Public Function VerifyRequest( _
strConfig as BSTR, _
Context as Long, _
bNewRequest as Long, _
Flags as Long) as Integer Dim Name as String
Dim CertPolicy As CCertServerPolicy Set CertPolicy = New CCertServerPolicy Name = CertPolicy.GetRequestProperty("Subject.CommonName", PROPTYPE_STRING) If Name = "YourName" Then
VerifyRequest = VR_INSTANT_OK
VerifyRequest = VR_INSTANT_BAD
End If End Function

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