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Setting Certificate Properties

The policy module interface includes two methods for setting certificate properties and extensions, SetCertificateProperty and SetCertificateExtension. With these method calls, any of the properties or extensions of a certificate can be set via the policy module. Here is a Microsoft® Visual Basic® example of how each of these method calls might appear in the policy module:

'Insert a common name into the certificate
Dim CertPolicy As CCertServerPolicy
Set CertPolicy = New CCertServerPolicy CertPolicy.SetCertificateProperty Context, _
Subject.CommonName, _
"John Smith" 'Restrict key usage to digital signature only (KeyUsage=0) CertPolicy.SetCertificateExtension Context, _
Extension.KeyUsage, _

As can be seen from these examples, each method takes four inputs:

  1. A reference to the request being processed

  2. The property or extension which is being modified

  3. The data type of the property or extension

  4. The value.

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