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Configuring the Certificate Authority Service

When the Configuration Wizard is used to configure Microsoft® Certificate Server, it adds the Certificate Authority service to the system services. By default, the service is configured to start automatically under the System Account when the operating system loads. This is the preferred method for running the Certificate Authority on a day-to-day basis. However, if it is desired to have the Certificate Authority service start manually, then the service configuration can be changed.

The Services applet in the Control Panel is used to configure the service startup type.

To configure the Certificate Authority service
  1. Open the Control Panel.

  2. Open the Services applet in the Control Panel.

  3. Click the Certificate Authority service and then click Startup. The Service dialog will display the Certificate Authority service default settings.

  4. The default Startup Type setting is Automatic. Select Manual for manual startup.

  5. The default Log On As setting is System Account. The account under which the Configuration Wizard ran when the server was configured can be used by selecting This Account and entering the domain and user name information for the account. You must also enter and confirm the account password in order for the service to run successfully under the account.

  6. When changes are complete, click OK and then click Close.

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