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Web Server Enrollment Page

The Web Server Enrollment Page allows the administrator to submit a certificate request to the Certificate Server through a Web-based user interface.

To use the Web Server Enrollment Page
  1. Browse the Certificate Enrollment Tools Web Page.

  2. Select Process A Certificate Request to access the Web Server Enrollment Page.

  3. Open a PKCS10 certificate request file using Notepad and use the Clipboard to copy and paste the contents of the request file into the text box on the enrollment page.

  4. Click Submit Request to submit the certificate request to Certificate Server. If the request is accepted, the issued certificate will be downloaded to the browser for acceptance.

  5. If you are browsing wiith Internet Explorer 3.0 or above, you will be prompted to Open or SaveAs the file. Choose SaveAs and the certificate file will be saved as NewCert.cer. If you choose Open, the certificate file will be opened in Notepad and you can save it using whatever filename you prefer.

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