Gr 05.10.2012 19:35 (GMT+3) Goodbye Applocker and welcome back SRP That's one of the major reasons not to use srp.

Vadims Podans
Vadims Podans 05.10.2012 04:18 (GMT+3) Goodbye Applocker and welcome back SRP

Are you sure? I haven't access to these editions and cannot check it.

Rajamuthu 05.10.2012 00:59 (GMT+3) Certificate Enrollment for System Center Operations Manager Agent

This is really great article, however i am getting similar error message (template not found ) for domain member computer. i followed the steps and create the duplicate template for my opsmanager. could you please advise to fix the issue

Tim 02.10.2012 16:24 (GMT+3) Goodbye Applocker and welcome back SRP

AFAIK, Windows Server 2008 R2 Web and Foundation doesn't support AppLocker rules.

Jyrki Arpiainen
Jyrki Arpiainen 25.09.2012 00:36 (GMT+3) Root Certification Authority (CA) CDP and AIA extension question

Thanks, this was good info - and with understandable wording. :)